Terms & Conditions

Our shoes are 100% Made in Italy by Maxima Srl, via Tullio Campagnolo 1, 35020 Sant’Angelo di Piove di Sacco, Padova – Italy, C.F. e P.I. 01883310284 – C.C.I.A.A. 186416.

The terms of trade at shop.maximaonline.it apply to trades with private customers.

1. Purchases at shop.maximaonline.it

The purchase is valid as soon as you receve the order confirmation from shop.maximaonline.it, subject errors due to currency changes, typographical errors, natural disasters, force majeure, delivery failures, tax changes, war, terror, etc.

2. Prices and contracts

All prices include VAT, where nothing else is mentioned. Prices listed on the website are in euros. All contracts are in Italian.

3. Sales in general

The stated price at the time of booking is the current booking price.

4. Cancellation

If you wish to cancel an order, you can do so by logging into your account (if you registered) or by sending an e-mail to info@maximaonline.it with the label “Order Cancellation”, stating the order date and number. Cancellations should be submitted within 2 hours from the order date and time otherwise it is likely that the return procedure will apply, as indicated below on paragraph 7.

5. Order Confirmation

shop.maximaonline.it stores the actual order confirmation after it has been sent to the customer.

6. Payment

The possible payment options are :

  • Pay-Pal and credit cards accepted by PayPal
  • bank transfer (in this case the order will be processed as soon as we receive confirmation that the money has been credited into our bank account)

7. Right of withdrawal

Full return – If you regret your purchase, shop.maximaonline.it will refund your purchase.

However, the product must be returned in original packaging and in unused and undamaged conditions. This must be done within 14 days from the receipt of the items by the customer. Items returned must be accompanied by original invoice and delivered to: Maxima Srl, via Tullio Campagnolo 1, 35020 Sant’Angelo di Piove di Sacco, Padova – Italy .

When dealing with a return, we will fully refund the first one but subsequent returns will incur delivery charges unless a previous order has been successully completed, with no returns claimed.

The amount you paid will be transferred back into the card you have used or into your bank account once we have received the item back and checked that it meets the cancellation rules.

shop.maximaonline.it reserves the right to evaluate the resale value of the used / opened item and then refund this within 7 working days from the receipt of the returned item(s).

NOTE: there is no right of withdrawal for non standard orders that are taylored according to your individual needs, if the manufacturing or customization process has already began. The production or adaptation commences upon acceptance of the order, and the right of withdrawal therefore expires.

8. Application of the right of complaint

Should the shoes present some issues during the first use (assuming a normal and fair usage) complaints regarding defects must be notified immediately to shop.maximaonline.it, stating the defect in the complaint and attaching photos. Notifications can be done by sending and email to info@maximaonoline.it with pictures of defected goods and information about the purchase date.

9. Proper return

All products returned to shop.maximaonline.it must be properly wrapped. Damage due to defective packaging may result in losing your rights. We recommend you to use a courier that offers tracking services, thus eliminating any doubts as to whether the product has been delivered back to Maxima Srl.

10. Contacts

For any questions please contact at info@maximaonine.it or by telephone +39 049 9701770 (ext. 1).


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