Size Guide

We use great care in ensuring that the size of our shoes is in line with the international guidelines, as indicated in the following conversion table.


If you are not sure about your correct shoe size, you can follow these simple steps to determine which size is most appropriate for you.

  1. put your foot on a blank page and draw its shape with a pen or pencil (keep the pen or pencil vertical, so that is it orthogonal to the foot)
  2. with a ruler, measure the maximum lenght from the back to the front of your foot shape
  3. round up the figure to the nearest unit
  4. use the conversion table above to translate from cm to the shoe size you are trying to buy, based on the country system used

Some tips:

  • the best time of the day to take measurements is afternoon or evening (feet tend to be a bit shorter in the morning)
  • use some tape to attach the paper to the floor before drawing, so that it does not slip
  • measure both feet as usually one is bigger than the other. Use the biggest one to determine the correct shoe size you may need